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HNO MANOR is a slow-fashion brand bringing back fashion but with a twist of trendy styles and 2000's inspiration.

We make trendy fashion, including our signature heart pockets to help our #manorgirls release their inner diva. Every woman and everyone should release their inner diva to show who they are and embrace their inner femininity.

Everyone should be included within any type of clothing, which is why we took the slow fashion route. Everyone is a manor girl, our sizes XXS-5XL and custom sizing show our inclusivity as a brand that's made for everyone. While doing so we help the environment by choosing slow fashion to ensure quality products and exclusive materials that help the preservation of our environment and animals.

HNO MANOR originated in Memphis, TN, and began selling clothing in the summer of 2020. However, we didn't start our own clothing line until December 2020.


HNO MANOR is a slow fashion brand. We advocate manufacturing with respect to the environment, people, and animals. When HNO MANOR is producing products we take into consideration all aspects of the supply chain. We spend more time on hand-making our products to ensure each piece is made up of quality. HNO MANOR does quality production and we are a zero-waste design brand.

While being in style and not clogging our landfills, we ensure versatile and up to par products. Just because we are a slow fashion brand does not mean we are not up to new trends.

HNO MANOR stays up to trend with new styles, however, unlike other brands we ensure quality products from exclusive materials that ensure the preservation of our environment and humane working conditions.

HNO MANOR uses safe and ethical practices, reducing the use of toxic chemicals. We aim to make the product more durable and last so you won't have to keep repurchasing the same products.

Learn about the dangerous harm fast fashion can do to our environment.


HNO MANOR employees are guaranteed a wage that allows for decent living conditions for our employees and for their families. As we make handmade products from Pakistan, we are ensuring our warehouse of safe, healthy, and not demanding human dignity. Employees must be provided with reasonable work hours, rest, and leisure time. 

HNO MANOR is based on hand-made if nothing is needed to be hand-made for that day our employees are allowed to relax at home with their families, and does not have to come in unless an order is needed to be fulfilled.

Fun fact: our employees get paid a commission for each order. 

HNO MANOR warehouse employees are ONLY 21+ of age. Under the age of 21 are not allowed to work for our warehouse.

HNO MANOR engages in work practices that are fair, legal and to ensure the best treatment for our workers, by providing nonphysical or mental harm to our employees

HNO MANOR is making sure of warehouse workers are in a workplace that includes space, water, and lighting, which includes areas of ventilation, and cleanliness.

HNO MANOR is a listen-to-share brand. If our employees emphasize something a change will be made immediately. We include talking to our employees each day with an open, positive attitude. Never should an employee be upset while working, if so we allow up to 2-hour mental health breaks, any day it is needed.



Summer 2020 - Hippiesnoutfits started selling clothes on ETSY.

December 2020 - Hippiesnoutfits started making custom clothing and dropped our first collection "Princess School Dropout". We also created our first online website (

May 2021 - Hippiesnoutfits has its first photoshoot.

August 2021 - Hippiesnoutfits was changed to HNO MANOR. 

August 2021 - HNO MANOR website has up to 50K views.

January 2022 - HNO MANOR rebranded with new content, logo, and styles. 

January 2022 - HNO MANOR has a photoshoot in Los Angeles, CA. 

September 2022 - HNO MANOR has a photoshoot in Nashville, TN.

October 2022  - @barbiedollbabe Celebrity Collaboration is debuted.